Stand for squats

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Squatting with a barbell is the main exercise for the leg muscles and the lower half of the body, capable of simultaneously involving the sphincter muscles, the muscles of the anterior and posterior surfaces of the thigh and stabilizing muscles, and substantially increase the strength and mass of leg muscles.

The simulator is equipped with:

  • The availability of insurance for the rod.
  • 10 positions of movement of the bar in height.
  • Traction Mechanism, which will allow the athlete to position the bar horizontally, relative Position of your body.
  • Changing the provisions of the insurance in height.
  • Wheels that allow you to easily move the rack.
  • On the front of it, handles for practical movement of the machine on The room
  • Rack Stand.


Exercises that can be performed on the simulator:

  1. Squatting
  2. Scratches
  3. Horizontal bench press
  4. Climbing the cheeks at an angle upwards
  5. The cheek is standing behind the head
  6. When standing up from the chest


  1. Length: 1m.72cm
  2. Width: 1m.35cm
  3. Height: 1m.89cm
  4. Weight: 59kg


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