With the feet on the platform at the corner

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Features of the simulator:

  • Modern linear system of movement on guides.
  • 2 position of fixing the platform in height.
  • Fixing the platform with the help of moving handles.
  • Wheels that allow you to easily move the machine.
  • On the front of it, handles for practical moving the machine indoors.
  • Excellent machine stability.
  • Cushioning rubber belts.
  • Change the back angle.
  • Handle for practical change of the back of the head.
  • Extra sleeves for the preparation of the piss on the rear legs of the machine.
  • 4-sleeve for fastening the load, which allows the maximum load of the simulator.
  • Maximum platform for legs.
  • The bend on the top of the platform, which allows you to pump the buttocks.
  • Practical handles for leaving the machine
  • Comfortable soft parts.
  • Doubler Training Machine.


Benefits of exercises on the simulator:

  1. Accelerated pumping of different groups of leg muscles.
  2. No load on the spine.
  3. Increased calorie burning.
  4. Advanced metabolism.
  5. On the man’s part-raising libido.


  1. Length: 2m.46cm
  2. Width: 1m.68cm
  3. Height: 1m.77cm
  4. Weight: 200kg


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