Delivery in Ukraine by means of carriers (de – liver Bridge – Express, New Mail, Auto Suite, In – Time).

– Delivery is from 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and Saturday until 15:00. – On the day of delivery before you call the manager and notify approximate time of arrival of the goods to the specified destination you structure courier. – Goods sent within 1-3 business days – depending on the amount you prohibited goods. – Payment delivery is in accordance tariff chosen courier service. Calculate the time and cost of delivery will help you sales managers.

Payment Methods:

  1. Cash
    • There is at direct purchase in our store.
    • At a cashless payment, the goods will be sent after full prepayment of its accounts in our Private Bank and Credit Bank.
  2. Cashless payment
    • Payment by bank transfer is as follows: After ordering the store manager by fax or email will send you an invoice that you can pay the cashier of any bank branch or directly from a checking account of your company. For corporate package all required documents delivered together with the goods (original account consumables bill, tax bill).

To get the goods at the office of the carrier you need:

  1. Have the original passport or other document proving identity.
  2. Declaration number – you come in the form of an SMS-message to a phone number that is listed in the order as your contact.
  3. Upon receipt of the goods must inspect its integrity. If the condition of the goods you do not like, you have the right to issue an act non-employees of a courier service.
  4. If you can not get the goods in person, it can make for you a trustee. It is necessary to have your and your passport or other document proving identity.

De – liver

Group of companies “DELIVERY” began work in 2001. The main specialization of the group is to provide transporno and logistics services to the B2B sector (subjects pidpryyemnytskoy business and corporate sector) both in Ukraine and abroad.

Site of service delivery:

Bridge – Express

“Trading House” Bridge Express “in Ukraine represents international corporation« Meest Corporation Inc. »and included in one of Ukraine’s largest financial-industrial group” Rosan “.

Site of service delivery:



Transport company “In-Time” was founded 31.05.2002. In. Zaporozhye. Active market transactions began in December 2002, and since then the “In-Time” won a strong position in the market of cargo transportation route. The company carries freight on routes connecting 54 cities in different regions of Ukraine, which are representation of “In-Time”.

Site of service delivery:


One of the leading companies in Ukraine, which has provided passenger transportation services. Transportation implemented as soon as possible in compliance with all safety requirements.

Site of service delivery:



New post

Private delivery service. Parcel delivered by courier to your address (home or office), usually the next day after posting. A characteristic feature of – delivery of cargo to the recipient.

Site of service delivery: