Ukrainian Treadmill


Treadmill “SAMBRO” is the first and only treadmill that is Made in Ukraine.

Professional treadmill

Automatic lubrication system for treadmill
Settings of the period of lubrication (km)and amount of liquid
The maximum weight of the athlete is 180 kg.
Speed from 3km/h to 21km/h
Modes : and. Free. Over time, V. the distance
Width =59cm
The thickness of sheet =2mm
The running length of the canvas=1м35см
Anti-vandal buttons
LCD display
Any plastic decor
Metal instrument panel
Comfortable polackova on the supporting handles
We calculate the mileage running
Calculated mileage after lubricating the running deck(Board)
Convenient side supports foot with anti slip coating
1.5 kW asynchronous motor

Weight 150kg
Guarantee of 12 months.


Treadmills a lot, and You ask “why else” , because there are enough of famous brands, which made cross-country more than a dozen years. However they are all produced abroad, and when it comes to banal simple repair, to get parts is extremely difficult, and even if – this will take a lot of time. In fact, if You have built Your business , it is quite frustrating when you in the hall “simple” and the client “twists the nose.”

So the idea of making Our treadmill, We were encouraged by the Guarantee of its service. The main factors was the Ease and reliability of the underlying production. The key point was the idea of automated lubrication deck (Board) of the treadmill, which has no analogues anywhere now You do not need to remember when You last oiled the deck with this procedure a lot of time.

The software of the electronic controller of this track written by Our programmers that have made a contribution to the development of the famous touch-screen IPhone, the dashboard in selected models of BMW and Mercedes, as well as the Central display of the legendary Tesla car and so on. Therefore, to doubt the quality makes no sense.

Treadmill “SAMBRO”fully produkted in Ukraine. All its components are easily available from Us at the factory, You don’t have to wait in separate parts in case of warranty failure, as it usually happens in all of the analogues produced abroad. Because cross-country “SAMBRO” is the first and only treadmill that is Made in Ukraine.

Product width 82cm
Product length 2m 12cm
Height 1m 43cm
The thickness of the treadmill deck(Board) 19mm.
The fluid reservoir lubricates the cloth
Rollers for easy moving treadmill.
Collapsible treadmill
All the parts for the treadmill we have in stock !!!
Guarantee of reliability !
Warranty and post-warranty service !!!


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