Universal bench

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  • Great range of angle changes to the back of the simulator.
  • Double back support (rare in this simulator).
  • 4 positions of the bottom of the simulator.
  • Practical handles for changing the back of the simulator.
  • Wheels that allow you to easily move the bench.
  • On the front of it, the handle for the practical movement of the machine in the room.
  • Comfortable soft parts.
  • Foot holders.
  • Change the height of the foot restraint.


Exercises you can do on the simulator:

  • Horizontal bench lining.
  • Vertical bench press .
  • Bumblebee downhill.
  • Laying the bed upside down with a barbell.
  • Horizontal volume lying with dumbbells.
  • Vertical dumbbells.
  • Zombie dumbbells down the corner.
  • Laying the bed upside down with dumbbells.
  • Split dumbbells to the sides.
  • Bicep with dumbbells on the bench with backrest support in the upright position.
  • Tilt dumbbells.


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