Hyperextension Universal

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Features of the simulator:

Change the working angle (3 positions).
Regulating supports (alignment of the simulator on an uneven surface).
Great range of changes in the working part of the simulator.
Practical foot support for fixing the body on the simulator.
Practical handles for access to the simulator.
Wheels that allow you to easily move the bench.
On the front of it, the handle for practical movement of the machine in the room.
Comfortable soft parts.


Hypersensitivity is one of the most popular and effective exercises for strengthening muscles
Back Hypersensitivity is not accepted to use for gaining weight, increasing muscle mass or weight loss, it is mainly used to work back muscles.
In the training process, this simulator allows you to pump back muscles, which allows you to strengthen the spine and minimize the risk of injury or micro trauma to the back of the lumbar. Another such exercise, like hyperesthesia, can be used for warming up and training muscles for intensive training.


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